Gender Roles Intervene with Trauma Healing

If you are a woman in the U.S. that expresses anger, you are labeled a “bitch.” If you are a man who expresses sadness, you are labeled a weak cry-baby. Gender roles in our society affect everything in our lives from the clothing we wear to the way we feel emotionally. They confine us in […]

Dear Katrina May

Screams came from the bedroom. I crawled to the open door and peeked in to see Joe holding my mother down forcefully and raping her. “Stop it!” she cried, struggling for freedom. I sat down, rocking back and forth. Our early years have the most profound effects on who we are. Despite being a child […]

Graduation Day: A Time of Excitement…Or Not

I should have been excited for graduation yesterday, but I wasn’t. I was happy to have earned my diploma, but the ceremony itself terrified me. There is a reason I tend to isolate myself when my PTSD flares up: my nervous system gets very sensitive and is easily overwhelmed. Unexpected noises startle me. I am […]

Reduced to an Object

A 17 year old boy in the house began giving me “special” attention. As the other kids and I were watching a movie in the dark, he beckoned me into the kitchen where he put his hands in my pants. According to my previous experiences, his actions were not unusual or wrong and I was desperate for love, […]